IndigoPool serves Petronas, claims data milestones

Schlumberger’s IndigoPool is to support Malasian Petronas’ A&D activity, while reporting increased industry take-up of the e-business portal.

IndigoPool, Schlumberger’s acreage trading portal has signed with state oil co. Petronas to promote exploration opportunities in Malaysia. IndigoPool users will be able to link through to the Petronas Company Profile for information on the three main Malaysian producing regions: Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah. It is the first time Petronas has used the Internet for acquisition and divestiture activity. Petronas believes a secure, neutral portal such as IndigoPool will capture a bigger audience in promoting the exploration acreages.

3 million km

IndigoPool has also signed new contracts with several international E&P data vendors who are to market their online data through the ‘Pool. By year end 2000, over 3 million kilometers of 2D seismic data; 150,000 square kilometers of 3D seismic data; 2.5 million square kilometers of gravity data; and data representing more than 1 million wells will be available. Geographical coverage includes Australia, the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, the North Sea, the United States, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


PoolMeister Satish Pai claims “Data vendors are choosing our platform as their online marketplace for two reasons, First, data buyers will be able to search, purchase and use data right on the site – a significant advantage.


Second, the E&P industry is global – IndigoPool has the reach to provide these vendors with services and potential clients from every oil and gas center in the world. In the case of seismic data, IndigoPool has major technology development underway that will ensure the most sophisticated e-commerce tools are available for our clients.” More from and

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