New software and facility for Magic Earth

Software for deriving rock properties from seismic attributes is on show at Magic Earth’s new visualization center in Houston.

Previewed at the AAPG convention earlier this year (PDM Vol. 5 N° 5), Rock Solid Images’ Attrib3D seismic attribute software is now fully functional within the Magic Earth GeoProbe 2.0.1 visualization environment. Rock Solid Images president Richard Cooper, said “Rock Solid Images and Magic Earth are working together to integrate advanced seismic attribute computation algorithms and associated classification and calibration tools. GeoProbe provides a true 3D work environment for building rock and fluid property volumes. The result - more targets, with a higher degree of reliability in substantially less time.”


Mike Zeitlin, President and CEO of Magic Earth commented “Adding reserves quickly with less risk is the value Attrib 3D brings to GeoProbe seismic interpretation. Geoscientists can now integrate the Attrib3D attribute technology seamlessly into the interpretation workflow, from the first look at the data to fine scale reservoir work involving simultaneous multiple attributes.”


The technology is on display at the new Erik D. Geisler Visualization Center in Houston. Magic Earth’s new facility is in honor of the late Erik D. Geisler (1959-1998), one of the original developers of the software at Texaco. The 7,000 square feet center houses the SGI graphics and a metallic gray “pod” housing the immersive display system and collaborative work environment.

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