Landmark for Petrobras Columbia unit

Petrobras Columbia is to use Landmark software for data management rationalization, information sharing and software integration.

Landmark signed with Petrobras’ Colombian unit earlier this year for the rationalization of its data management, information sharing and data transfer. The agreement is designed to increase integration of drilling, production and exploration and development systems through implementation of Landmark technologies and business processes. John Gibson, Landmark’s president and CEO said “Ultimately, the increase in integration is designed to help Petrobras Colombia achieve its production goal over the next three years. With this agreement, Landmark will deliver its experience in project management and help Petrobras meet its business objectives of increasing production and reserves. Landmark will assist Petrobras Colombia in the deployment of integrated technologies that will serve as the foundation for interdisciplinary processes.”


Renilton Brandao, new technologies advisor for Petrobras in Colombia added “Integrated processes, people and data, supported by technology and infrastructure will help Petrobras in Colombia reduce the data processing cycle time and increase productivity. Through this agreement, we expect to accomplish the objective of continuing the growth of our Colombia operation and meeting our business objectives at a lower cost. Colombia operations are growing substantially and we expect to becoming the second largest producer in the country.”


According to Jorge Machnizh, Landmark’s VP for Latin America operations, “Our goal is to help Petrobras in Colombia improve risk assessment and speed up their decision-making process through a thorough understanding of their business objectives. Through this agreement, we will assist them in transforming this into greater productivity at a lower operational cost.”

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