Decision Space

Landmark’s Decision Space - web based, risk analysis and decision support infrastructure is set to “raise technical-to-business workflow integration to the power of e-business.”

New software from Landmark Graphics, scheduled for release towards the end of the year will facilitate decision support for upstream asset teams. The web based software will share interpretation results between workers, adding an economic dimension to Landmark’s earth model. Decision Space (DS) will integrate technical and business tools in a “virtual desktop.” Browser-based and ASP- ready, DS will support and enable the industry move towards e-business.


Landmark CEO John Gibson told PDM “Historically, applications have been developed in a domain-specific manner by entrepreneurs with a passion for their subject. Today, requirements are different, software needs to be multi-domain and to serve multi-discipline teams. We need to eliminate the barriers between disciplines and focus on the work process as a whole. The key to this is decision support. But Decision Space is more than just a new product for Landmark. We have literally re-engineered the whole company around this need for multi-disciplined software and decision support.”

Up and running

The first release of DecisionSpace is already up and running in key customer environments on a developmental basis. This release, based on the Windows NT platform, focuses on delivering value to asset teams who deal with the delineation and development phase of the oilfield life cycle. Key features of the first release include the solution’s ASP-ready, Web-based approach to the workspace using the DecisionDesktop common interface and the integration with Landmark’s Uncertainty Collator.

Tightly coupled

Business and financial processes are tightly coupled with information and knowledge resources in the new virtual workspace. The new tool reflects Landmark’s long march from vertical geotechnical supplier to a new paradigm of technical-to-business integration (T2B). The addition of an e-commerce component has allowed the Landmark marketeers a new flight of fancy - DecisionSpace is to raise T2B to the power of ‘e’.

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