Will the real energy e-commerce org please stand up? (September 1999)

There is some overlap between COM and BizTalk. The latter’s clear positioning in e-commerce could push COM for Energy into a corner.

It all depends on your viewpoint. For geotechnical users, worried that C4E is impinging on their business, it is OK to describe C4E as being ‘at the frontier of geotechnical and financial computing’. At a safe distance as it were. But if you are in the thick of e-commerce, looking at C4E from the standpoint of the BizTalk Framework for Energy, then C4E needs a bit of a shove in the other direction, hence its new categorization as allowing for ‘the integration of disparate geotechnical and business applications used in the exploration and production sector of the energy industry’. So if C4E is to be shunted out of its e-commerce role what is it to be used for?


The proposed rebaptism of C4E as "Objects for Energy" rename may be the key. Despite denials and various position statements, C4E is a head to head competitor with Open Spirit – with a twist. To position C4E squarely in the midst of geotechnical computing, you have to imagine a world where the integration platform for the decision maker is neither GeoFrame nor OpenWorks, but rather the tentacular SAP R/3.

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