Mobil climbs Everest (September 1999)

Mobilís worldwide deployment of SAP software, ĎProject Everestí, is well underway. Everest is made up of SAP R/3, the Oil and Gas Solution and decision support and training modules.

SAPís Oil and Gas Solution is to be deployed as part of Mobil Corpís Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SAP implementation "Everest". Mike Brown, Program Manager for Mobil said "Everest focused on the North American E&P, marketing and refining businesses. We have replaced more than 300 applications in the total suite of systems that run our North American business. We also implemented SAP solutions at our global petrochemicals and specialty chemicals operations, replacing the legacy systems."

4,500 users

SAPís R/3 ERP solution has gained 4,500 new users over the past 10 months and is to add the SAP Business Information Warehouse for decision support, and SAP Knowledge Management. "The SAP Knowledge Management database became the holding place for all our training tools and for maintaining the current roles and responsibilities documentation and specific role-based training for our users," Brown said.


SAP Americaís president and CEO Kevin McKay added "With the successful completion of these critical phases of the Everest Project, Mobil has reached a milestone in its business transformation. By consolidating legacy applications and streamlining business processes on a global basis, the SAP implementation was an important contribution to Mobil's business strategy."

Y2K issue

A driver for the Everest Project was the need to comply with year 2000 requirements.

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