Petris to clean up MMS data (September 1999)

The Mineral Management Service has awarded Petris Technology a data management contract for 44 thousand wells and over 6 million documents from the Gulf of Mexico

The Mineral Management Service (MMS), based in New Orleans, has awarded a contract to Petris Technology of Houston, for the validation and clean-up of data from the Gulf of Mexico. The MMS manages the mineral resources of the Outer Continental Shelf, and collects, verifies and distributes mineral revenues from Federal and Indian lands.


The project's objective is to clean up inaccurate or missing data problems that may exist in the MMSí Technical Information Management System (TIMS) well database and associated well data such as directional and velocity surveys from operations in the Gulf of Mexico Region. This project involves an estimated 44,000 well bores and over 6,000,000 documents.

Petris Connect

Petris will use its web-based PetrisConnect Data Auditing and Correction System to link all available information sources (both digital and scanned paper documents) to the existing TIMS database for comparison by an experienced geo-technician for correction. The software will keep track of who is nominating a change and why, giving MMS personnel the ability to confidently make changes to the online TIMS database. The project will begin this year and is expected to be complete in 2003. More from

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