VR for the granite city (September 1999)

Landmark’s Decisionarium offers interpreters a virtual reality environment in Aberdeen.

Landmark’s second Decisionarium has opened in Aberdeen. The Decisionarium is described as an "industry-leading immersive environment for the integrated asset team". The first Decisionarium opened last May in Landmark's corporate headquarters in Houston. Bob Peebler, Landmark President and CEO said "Bringing our Decisionarium program and services to the UK further enhances Landmark's commitment to transforming business processes in the petroleum industry." The Aberdeen Decisionarium, located in Halliburton's Reservoir Description Center, can accommodate up to 20 team members.


The center is available for lease in one, three, 10 and 20-day increments and will be configured with Landmark's integrated application and data management software as well as virtual reality hardware. To ensure maximum effectiveness, a Landmark collaboration expert will be available to facilitate sessions. "Our goal is to enable collaboration between geophysicists, geologists, drilling and reservoir engineers, and service company personnel, so they can more efficiently solve their business problems," explained Bob Fedorciow, operational vice president, Landmark EAME, Ltd. To lease the Decisionarium call Deboragh Humphreville on +44 1932 829999.

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