PPDM member survey (September 1999)

PPDM has polled its membership and finds strong support for latest model version.

The Petroleum Data Model Association has completed a survey of its global membership. The main findings were: Over 50% of PPDM member companies have incorporated the most recent PPDM Model V3.4 in their operations. The main subject areas of interest in V3.4 are: wells, meta data and units of measure, business associates, production and production reporting, and fields, pools and facilities. Main areas of interest in the future V3.5 are: spatial enabling, stratigraphy, partnership and division of interest, projects and records management.

reference tables

For future model development, interest was strong for standardized reference table values followed by surface rights and facilities, seismic enhancements and joint interests. Other new areas deemed of interest include reservoir properties, well enhancements, reserves, business issues, pipelines and records management.


PPDM members consider that membership benefits most important to users are the industry standard model, cost reduction and time savings, access to industry contacts and networking, input into model development process, and name association/recognition. Strong initial interest was expressed in PPDM's work group funding sponsorship program destined to expedite specific portions of model development. More from www.ppdm.org

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