CTC Pulsonic gets Mobilís 3D (September 1999)

Calgary based CTC Pulsonic, (now part of the Core Laboratories Group) has been awarded a 600 sq. km. 3D survey off Canadaís Sable Island.

CTC Pulsonic Canada, which joined the Core Laboratories fold last July, has been awarded a large seismic processing contract for a 3D marine survey. Mobil Canadaís "Intrepid" survey of 600 sq. km. survey is located south of Sable Island off the Canadian Atlantic seaboard.

7 terabytes

A previous survey in the Sable area for Mobil - the Arcadia survey contained over 7 terabytes of raw data. Mobil Canadaís technical services manager Graham Millington said "We were very pleased with the technical services we received on the Arcadia project, the excellent technical expertise, involvement of our staff and the early delivery of the product".

8 gigabytes

CTCís president Vasudhaven Sudhaker is adding 8 gigs of main memory to CTCís computer center to cater for the new workload.

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