API endorses BizTalk (September 1999)

While COM for Energy debates the sex of angels, the influential American Petroleum Institute goes for Microsoftís BizTalk.

Microsoftís BizTalk Framework XML-based data exchange has gained enthusiastic endorsement by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The APIís Kendra Martin explained "We chose to be on the BizTalk steering committee since it had the best collection of founding organizations and the best commitment to standards for vertical markets. With BizTalk, we believe we can work with energy companies and other standards bodies to quickly and effectively reap the greatest potential of XML for e-commerce."


At this monthís Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDEX) Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced "broad energy industry support" for the BizTalk Framework for e-commerce and application integration. The American Petroleum Institute (API) and leading energy technology providers have declared the BizTalk Framework their e-commerce integration guideline for the future. Other organizations who endorse the BizTalk Framework include Cambridge Management Consulting, Commerce One, Compaq, ESRI, J.D. Edwards and Tobin.

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