ShapesProspector from XoX, Shared Earth Model on a PC (August 1999)

XoX's latest software ShapesProspector offers integrated, PC-based 2D/3D Earth Modeling.

Following XoX’s technology sale to GeoQuest (the XoX Shapes geometry engine is at the heart of GeoQuest’s Shared Earth Model), XoX have developed a stand-alone PC-based tool, the ShapesProspector. (SP). SP allows geologists to create 3D earth models from well-log and seismic interpretations using 2D and 3D modeling techniques. SP enables structural models to be built for analysis and presentation purposes. SP runs on Windows 95/98/NT and handles structurally complex surfaces such as faults, salt domes and lenses.


The new tool allows consistent and geologically valid interpretations to be built around a central 3D-earth model and includes what are described as “excellent” presentation capabilities. Well tops and grids can be imported and exported from and to any format. Model creation and editing facilities are driven from a central 3D-model repository of the subsurface structure. This 3D model captures not only fault and other surface geometry, but also the topological relationships between them that give rise to the zones, layers, and formations in geologic structures. The model can be viewed in terms of the fault and horizon surfaces, or in terms of the volumes.

zoom & pan

The model can be rotated and zoomed and surfaces can be painted attributed with color, transparency, translucency and other graphical properties. A semi-transparent model cab be created that reveals its interior. Solid models can be created from surfaces and grouped into layers and fault blocks for analysis and presentations. Volumes are derived from the 3D structural model and are updated automatically when any component of the volume is edited. Presentations can be made with arbitrary slices, cutaway sections, chair diagrams and others. XoX net revenues the first half of 1999 were up 9% to $1.5 million. More from

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