Petris and Neuralog cooperate on cross section software (August 1999)

Neuralog’s cross section software to integrate Petris’ WINDS Enterprise.

Petris Technology Inc. and Neuralog have agreed to develop an adapter for NeuraSection and WINDS Enterprise. The adapter will provide connectivity between Neuralog's cross section software and any other application connected to WINDS Enterprise. This will allow for locating and loading well log images and header information into NeuraSection.


WINDS Enterprise provides users with a synchronized GIS and Text-based "front-end" search mechanism to all exploration data within their enterprise. It uses "adapters" and a "spider" to build and maintain a meta-data catalog of data contained in leading application datastores such as Z&S Recall, Landmark's Open Explorer, GeoShare and now NeuraSection. Data transfer can be initiated from one store to another with on-the-fly reformatting.

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