Seismic boutiques merge (August 1999)

Scott Pickford, now part of the CoreLab group has acquired Coherence Technology Company. Coherence holds an exclusive license from BP Amoco for the use of the patented Coherence Cube seismic analysis software. Scott Pickford is Corelab’s UK-based reservoir management arm.

Specialist specialists Scott Pickford Group (SPG) and Coherence Technology Company (CTC) are to merge. Scott Pickford’s integrated reservoir characterization services will now be complemented by the exclusive and fiercely-protected technology from CTC.


The deal involves expansion for both parties with merged offices in London, Houston, Calgary, Jakarta and Lagos—through the CTC Pulsonic subsidiary.


SPG’s Managing Director Chris Cottam said “We are pleased with this acquisition which adds significantly to our reservoir imaging capabilities. The combination of our technologies will create powerful new tools which will help our clients to characterize, monitor and manage their reservoirs. The Scott Pickford group now employs 400 staff world-wide with revenues of over $50 million.

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