Odegaard automates seismic interpretation (July 1999)

Odegaard’s ALSF software promises to automate the seismic interpretation process.

Danish software house Odegaard is set to automate seismic interpretation with its new Automatic Layer Sequence Field (ALSF) product. Odegaard’s new technique provides a detailed stratigraphic subsurface image from seismic data for identifying reservoirs without requiring any interpreter input.


Odegaard claims ALSF is a powerful tool for deriving the low frequency component in seismic inversion, one of Odegaard's specialties. The layer sequence is defined in two stages. First a 3D trace analysis of the dip of individual reflections is performed then, the dip information for the individual traces is combined to derive the layer sequence field, resulting in a high resolution stratigraphic interpretation.

dry holes

Odegaard's deputy managing director Kim Gunn Maver claims ‘ALSF offers the opportunity to eliminate incorrect background impedance in seismic inversion interpretations which lead to dry holes and missed opportunities.’ The company believes that the introduction of ALSF will speed up the seismic acquisition to drilling cycle because a much less detailed interpretation process is required prior to inversion.

PDM comment – no it is not the silly season, Odegaard really does intend to speed up if not fully automate the process of seismic interpretation. Faults and other discontinuities may still be added by hand. Makes us think that Hamish Wilson’s prospect production line paradigm may not be all that far-fetched after all!

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