Imation launches Media Services (July 1999)

A new service from data storage specialist Imation promises off-site storage and management of the whole data asset.

Imation Corp. has announced a portfolio of Media Services designed to meet the needs of corporate data center managers. Imation will provide data protection and maintenance services for removable storage media.

whole enchilada!

Imation’s Media Services portfolio will include:

Customized Preparation Services, including labeling and initialization, custom packaging, and emergency delivery

Maintenance Services, including tape cleaning, re-labeling, and degaussing

Recovery Services, including recovering data from damaged or improperly stored media

Duplication Services, including copy and conversion from a variety of formats

Offsite Storage Services, securing media in underground or above-ground facilities to protect data from natural disasters, as well as misplacement and loss.


"With more than forty years of data storage leadership, Imation has earned the trust of our customers to help them manage their most valuable corporate assets – their data," said Steve Ladwig, president, Imation Data Storage and Information Management. "Given our expertise in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of data storage solutions, offering full life-cycle media services is a natural evolution for us," Ladwig continued.


"By leveraging a nationwide network of qualified service providers, Imation will offer a turn-key, single source solution for our customers." Imation Media Services is the latest in a series of initiatives from Imation’s which includes Imation Web Backup, the first in a series of Internet and corporate Intranet-based data backup and recovery solutions to the mobile and desktop workforce.

$2 billion

In 1998, Imation reported revenues of approximately $2.0 billion and as of March 31, 1999, Imation employed 6,250 people worldwide.

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