How standard is ‘standard’? (July 1999)

PDM challenged Landmark's President Bob Peebler as to inconsistencies across Landmark's product line and asked how claims of 'standard' software would be justified.

Landmark’s product line has grown up over the years by an accretionary process of in-house development and acquisition. Users have commented of somewhat inconsistent usage and mouse-click behavior between applications within the integrated product suite. PDM asked Bob Peebler how Landmark could justify claims of ease of use and accelerated learning while such differences exist.


Peebler acknowledged that inconsistencies are an issue, and describes improved ergonomics as being like "raking the garden". Peebler continued, "we enhance the user interface with every new product release and it is pretty well standardized by now. We have made a lot of progress in the core areas of functionality, but with the next in-term release, codename Daytona, due for release as OpenWorks 99.5 in the fall, we will be offering significantly enhanced workflow and ergonomics together with other productivity improvements – including those accruing from our new seismic compression technology"

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