Wall-to-wall Landmark chez BP Amoco (July 1999)

Three-year software and services contract is Landmark’s biggest sale ever.

BP Amoco is to standardize its drilling, reservoir engineering, geology and geophysics applications on Landmark’s suite of software applications. The three-year deal involves the deployment of Landmark software at 61 sites throughout the world representing all of BP Amoco's major upstream assets. The software will replace in-house developments and products from other vendors. BP Amoco join Mobil, Enterprise, Statoil and PanCanadian in opting for a single-supplier solution for upstream applications. The deal covers all project-based IT, from OpenExplorer through G&G to reservoir and drilling but excludes 'primary data management' -

i.e. master data store and bulk data management which, in the UK, is currently outsourced to GeoQuest.


BP Amoco's objective is to reduce learning times, establish globally-shared work methods, and facilitate innovation and best practices throughout its E&P organization by standardizing on a core set of integrated applications. The agreement covers a broad range of Landmark technology and services with the portfolio centered around OpenWorks as the integration environment and project management database.


Landmark also will provide support, training, and professional consulting services throughout BP Amoco Exploration and Production worldwide. Bob Peebler, Landmark President and CEO said "We're extremely pleased to form this relationship of distinction with BP Amoco as they align their organization and realize their worldwide goals and targets for profitability and growth. By standardizing on Landmark's open and integrated solutions, we believe BP Amoco is positioning themselves for the future as the company that is redefining how technology can drive profitability in the E&P industry."

product comparison

When merging, BP and Amoco had a unique opportunity to examine the extensive software applications used previously, with the objective of improving integration and productivity to meet business driven changes. Bob Peebler told PDM that Landmark’s long-held belief in integration and openness were factors in BP Amoco’s decision, although no specific integration of third party or legacy software is called for in the deal.


Christine Connelly, Vice President for Upstream Information Technology at BP Amoco said "This agreement and the technology it brings are at the core of our efforts to standardize work processes and therefore the tools which are needed. "Standardization will further improve the effectiveness of our multi-discipline teams at finding, developing and producing oil and gas in an optimized manner."

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