.. while Landmark bags EAS (July 1999)

Landmark Graphics Corp. has bought Economic Analysis Systems (EAS). EAS’ Teras Pecos solution combines economic analysis and decision support.

Teras is an integrated capital allocation system designed to capture and exploit information generated by multidisciplinary asset teams. The acronyms say it all - Teras is The Economic and Risk Analysis System, while the main software tool Pecos is the Petroleum Economic Simulation Evaluation. Teras provides the economic modeling tools, including Monte Carlo simulation, but extends the usual analysis. A typical Teras computation might begin with a portfolio of projects, a fixed capex and a required NPV.


An optimizer identifies various combinations of projects that meet the requirements and then analyzes the portfolio to minimize risk. Further simulation leads to a selection of project combinations which maximize NPV until an 'efficiency frontier' is reached. Landmark has already been cooperating with EAS in the context of Mobil’s Technical Computing Solution initiative.


Decision support and capital allocation are at the core of Bob Peebler’s ‘nirvana’ level- 4 of integration. Peebler told PDM that he believed that in a few years time, the EAS deal would be looked back upon as one of Landmark’s most significant acquisitions ever.

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