Geodynamic’s website to showcase new software (July 1999)

Geodynamic’s new website offers free download of GIS software and demos of web-based mapping.

GIS specialist Geodynamic Solutions, Inc. (GSI), has unveiled its new website at "GIS tools are rapidly emerging as a means of accessing and analyzing information within the business enterprise and via the Internet," said Kirk Barrell, President and CEO of Geodynamic. "Our new site contains information about our growing company and industry specific GIS information".


In the near future the website will display examples of interactive maps and allow clients to purchase the products online. Geodynamic Solutions has several products forthcoming that be showcased on the new website.


A trial version of the Well and Production Data Converter can be downloaded and the new GSI's web server product, ZeroIn, to be released in the fall of 1999, will soon be accessible and will "demonstrate the power of Internet-based mapping and analysis" of datasets from a variety of industries. More from 

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