Petris and 1MAGE team on E&P Document Management System (July 1999)

PetrisConnect, the Internet-based E&P data browser is to integrate web-imaging support from 1Mage Software.

Houston-based Petris Technology, is teaming with 1MAGE Software of Englewood, CO in a strategic marketing alliance set to offer Internet-based document imaging to energy companies. PetrisConnect will use a Web browser to interface with the 1MAGE Document Management System. PetrisConnect can be easily deployed across entire organizations, enabling users to interact with business application systems, processes and procedures from any Web client.


The ability to web-enable enterprise business systems with electronic document imaging creates a dramatic return in information infrastructure. Data associated with the images recorded into any database (e.g. MS Access, Oracle, and Uni-Data). PetrisConnect can provide a virtual Internet library for all users, whether documents are scanned in one location or many.

Visual Basic

PetrisConnect combines Microsoft Visual Basic and Java syntax for universal development. The PetrisConnect application server runs on Windows NT and UNIX servers - from single departmental machines to enterprise-wide configurations. Rene Calderon, product manager for PetrisConnect said, "We are excited about working with 1MAGE. Their expertise in document management along with their innovative approach to tightly integrating document imaging with existing business application software fits nicely with our strategy."


1MAGE Software, Inc. is described as a leading provider of electronic document imaging systems to UNIX and NT relational database end users. David R. DeYoung, president of 1MAGE Software, stated, "The alliance with Petris in the energy industry complements our suite of industry-focused business partners." Other 1MAGE Alliance partnership deals have been struck in automotive retail, healthcare and public safety. More from and 

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