GPS breakthough from Veritas (July 1999)

New satellite-based survey system allows for real-time remote QC.

Veritas has successfully deployed its new Seismic Mobile Information & Control System (Seis-MICS) remote survey technology which enables Global Positioning System (GPS) survey data to be transmitted in near real-time via satellite from surveyors in western Wyoming to a remote center in Calgary. Here, data quality control is performed in real-time while the survey crew is still in the field.

LEO sateillite

Seis-MICS utilizes low Earth-orbiting (LEO) communications satellites to transmit small packets of survey data, in the form of e-mail messages, directly from a surveyor's ‘LeoRider’ GPS backpack in the field to the remote ICC. Each backpack has its own unique e-mail address, enabling effective two-way satellite communications in virtual real-time between the ICC and the surveyors in the field.

Millenium II

Seis-MICS technology, is a component of Veritas DGC’s ongoing Millennium II project, a global information system that will enable near real-time data, for all field activities associated with the collection of seismic data worldwide, to be delivered to a central site.

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