People (July 1999)

People on the move in Paradigm, IHS and Geodynamic.

Eldad Weiss, CEO is now also Chairman of the Paradigm Geophysical Board. Weiss succeeds Jacob Nunietz who has held the post since 1993. Gil Hamilton is now executive VP and CFO of IHS Energy. Hamilton was previously senior VP and Controller for the IHS Group. Hamilton now reports to Chris Meyer, president, COO and CFO of IHS Group and chairman of IHS Energy Group. The IHS Energy management team, or the "Office of the CEO" is rumored to have suffered from the 'long knives' syndrome. Thue current line up is Dave Noel, Information & Data Management Services, Susan Whitbread, Economics & Consulting and Hamilton. Geodynamic Solutions has four new developers in its ArcView/Oracle team handling its consulting and product development business. Geodynamic will not however be pursuing the previously announced alliance with IHS Energy (see PDM Vol. 4 N 3) which was to involve the outsourced development of EDGE. Geodynamics will remain a member of the PI ArchiTechs program and develop applications against the IHS data sets.

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