Troika’s Magma bubbles (July 1999)

New transcription software from Troika and service offering with partner Eurotech

Troika International has just released Magma, a modular data manipulation package. Magma handles the transcription of seismic and other E&P types of data. Magma runs on a PC running Microsoft Windows NT, accessing tape drives via standard SCSI adapters, including Adaptec, with no practical block size limitation. In particular, Magma can drive an IBM 3590 at close to maximum speed.


Magma is written in portable, object-oriented C++. A graphical user interface is provided for all modules, although this is separated from the underlying functionality. A format-neutral utility module uses an embedded Tcl interpreter to allow scripting of common tasks. The transcription module includes support for the standard SEG formats, as well as QA plotting facilities. Hooks are provided for interfacing to third party systems and databases while a modular structure allows support for proprietary formats to be added as required. Troika possesses a comprehensive format library to facilitate this. Support for 21-track is already available as an option.


Magma can be licensed as a complete system, or on a modular basis. Six month licenses are also available for project or evaluation purposes. Troika can assist in data analysis and project QA. In association with Eurotech Computer Services, Troika can also provide turnkey solutions with a wide variety of tape drives and connectivity. Eurotech can also provide a data recovery system, which can deal with a wide variety of nine-track stiction problems.

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