IHS Energy Group downsizes Petroconsultants (June 1999)

IHS Energy Group is to locate key scouting teams in regional offices.

Following restructuring, Latin America and North East Asia operations will be based in Houston, while Singapore and Perth will handle the remainder of Asia and Australasia. The UK office will be responsible for the North Sea region, Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent, while Geneva will focus on Continental Europe, the CIS and Africa. As a result of the current state of the worldwide oil and gas energy market, there will be a downsizing of the Geneva operations.

low price

Dave Noel CEO, IHS Energy Group, Information Services. went on to add that "the combined impact of lower energy prices and mergers have certainly affected our business, but we intend to take this opportunity to increase our levels of customer support and continue to re-invest any savings we can achieve by improving both the quality of the IRIS21 database and further developing the strategically important products of GEPS, EDGE, EDIN and Probe."

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