EarthCube now tops Landmark seismic interpretation product line. (June 1999)

Landmark's seismic interpretation software now comes in three flavors, entry level PC-based SeisVision (part of the GeoGraphix suite), mainstream UNIX-based SeisWorks and top-of-the range, SGI or high-end Sun graphics-driven EarthCube for 3D Volume Interpretation.

EarthCube is described a 'a new direction in seismic interpretation software. Landmark Launches New Release of EarthCube for Integrated 3D Volume Interpretation. The latest version of EarthCube allows for integrated, 3D volume interpretation of large data volumes in complex geological settings. Bob Peebler stated "With the complexity of today's exploration plays and production environments, many companies are realizing the value that volume interpretation brings to the table. The new volume interpretation capabilities in EarthCube allow users to decipher complex geological patterns and predict the presence of reservoirs with greater confidence than ever before."


The EarthCube package now provides voxbody tracking, stereo viewing, and depth sessions for high-performance, true volume interpretation. The new version also permits voxbody sculpting based on interpreted boundaries, horizons and faults, allowing the user to examine 3D seismic volume attributes within the context of geologic boundaries. The availability of the stereo viewing option, allows the interpreter to utilize depth perception to understand complex spatial relationships of various data types.


"Stereo viewing allows the user to discover hidden spatial relationships within multi-disciplinary data," said Murray Roth, Landmark's systems vice president for exploration and development. "In combination with volume interpretation, stereo viewing affords opportunities for uncovering geological complexities that would otherwise have been overlooked," The new EarthCube also offers a step-change improvement in the amount of data that can be viewed. "With the new EarthCube, you can read larger volumes of data today than you could previously," Roth continued. Depending on the amount of memory your system has, you can interpret volumes of data greater than two gigabytes."


EarthCube continues to be available in a bundled package made up of EarthCube VX (3D Volume Interpretation), SeisWorks and ZAP! EarthCube VX is a new "unbundled" version of EarthCube that also can be licensed separately to add volume interpretation functionality to existing SeisWorks/ZAP! environments. EarthCube is available on Silicon Graphics workstations, as well as on Sun workstations with Creator 3D or higher graphics.

PDM comment

We checked out EarthCube at one of Landmark’s excellent mini-training sessions. EarthCube seems to do pretty well everything that is claimed, but it does require a stupendous amount of horsepower. Our machine was a 300 MHz Sun Ultra 30 with 1GB memory, 2 Creator 3D cards and we were working on a skipmy dataset of less than 20MB. The performance was not overwhelming – one reason why Landmark are so interested in compression – see next story.

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