Veritas Exploration Services – advanced interpretation and reservoir characterization (June 1999)

An new unit has been formed by Veritas to perform integrated seismic interpretation and reservoir analysis. Veritas Exploration Services will be headed by Dale Bowering

The new advanced seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization group will serve needs of various Veritas projects in areas such as depth migration, survey planning and data quality control. The new unit’s boss Dale Bowering is an eighteen year veteran of the oil & gas exploration business.


After graduation in Geophysics from Memorial University of Newfoundland, he joined Esso Resources Canada Ltd in 1981, moving to Exxon Exploration Company in 1989. Bowering joined Veritas in 1998, working on non-exclusive depth migration projects and the Veritas Data Visualization Center. Bowering was formerly President of the Marine Services Division.

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