Oilfield Gems – plug and play applets for OpenWorks (June 1999)

Oilfield Systems believes that Landmark dominates the upstream application marketplace and is developing ‘Gems’, plug and play applets for OpenWorks. First available Gems will be a ‘correlator’ and a mapper.

Oilfield Systems announced the forthcoming release of The Gem Collection, a suite of software products running directly off Landmark Graphics widely used OpenWorks database.

70% market share

Ross Davidson, Chief Operating Officer explained "our recent survey of the market confirmed that OpenWorks is definitely the most widely used project database. Our figures show that some 70% of companies use it to support their geoscience applications. With the continuing pressures on data management groups to reduce the number of databases they support, and with geoscientists desperately wanting easy-to-use software, we decided to adapt some of our highly regarded geological tools to run directly off OpenWorks."


The Gem Collection consists of a family of small, highly focussed products, each offering an uncluttered implementation of key functionality needed by geoscience interpreters. The emphasis is on clarity of purpose and integration. Initial "gems" in the collection include the Correlator and the Mapper. Future offerings will cover cross-sections, 3D visualization and structural modeling.

ease of use

Jeanette Halford, Marketing coordinator at Oilfield Systems, analyzed the results of the market survey. "The vast majority of companies put ease of use as their highest priority in selecting new software. Oilfield Systems has an excellent reputation for producing products that users find intuitive. The Gem Collection features a modern Windows-style user interface which users find very familiar." Another feature of the Gem Collection is the ease of licensing. "We wanted to make it easy for companies to get the benefit of using these tools without the kinds of outlay traditionally associated with quality E&P software" explained Halford.


"The Gem Collection tools are licensed individually, on an annual basis, at levels close to annual maintenance fees for major products. The onus is on Oilfield Systems to keep the Gem Collection improving so that companies elect to use it year after year." The Gem Collection will be available from Oilfield Systems by mid-July. More from sales@oilfield-systems.com or call 44 1703 769 449.

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