Paradigm’s new PlaNET (June 1999)

Paradigm Geophysical has acquired Reservoir Modeling and Network Planning Technologies

Paradigm’s latest acquisition is PlaNET, an integrated suite of software for reservoir modeling and oil and gas field network planning. Planet was developed by Dr. Andrew Wadsley who is joining Paradigm to continue development of PlaNET and to integrate the new software with Paradigm's existing technologies.

network planning

PlaNET's network planning system enables planning and scheduling for integrated gas production and optimized allocations from distributed gas fields to multiple gas markets and products. The software is a complete reservoir-to-market integrated solution currently used in South America, Europe and South East Asia. It has been developed, tested and proven over a period of eight years with complex reservoir studies. Eldad Weiss, Paradigm's President and CEO, said, "The acquisition of PlaNET enables Paradigm to leverage its technology base and provide a bridge between the geoscience and petroleum engineering disciplines.

simulation workflow

Dr. Wadsley's reservoir management software represents a fundamental improvement in reservoir simulation technology and workflows using an innovative approach to seismic and geological integration. We are very pleased he is joining our team."

Wadsley has twenty five years experience in developing and applying solutions for oil and gas production and reservoir management, and is an expert in the application of numerical methods to fluid flow and optimization problems.

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