New websites listing from CATSites (June 1999)

Competitive Access Technologies’ Oil and Gas on the Internet claims to be 'a Yahoo for the Oil and Gas Industry' with 2,500 sites listed.

The latest quarterly update to CATSites, a listing of Oil and Gas related Internet sites has just been released. CATSites quarterly directory comes with a PC disk which contains all the 2,497 directory listings in Internet bookmark files. This bookmark file can be opened with any Internet browser and used to gain immediate access any of the 2,497 oil and gas websites.


"This is certainly the most complete and most impressive listing of energy Internet sites I have seen in my six years as an energy researcher" said Ellen Sartorius, Ernst & Young LLP

All the web sites are verified and updated every 90 days, new ones are added, and dead sites removed.

Site licenses are available for Intranet or LAN. CATSites covers the entire supply chain from the seismic consultant in the field to the ‘convenience store operator on the neighborhood corner’ with chapters for associations, governments, journals, pricing information, calendars and more.

even a landman!

"Just to let you know that this software is very easy to use and makes it easy to connect to the websites listed. If I could get in the second time, anyone could do it!" boasts George Laux, Landman. More from the Competitive Analysis Technologies website at: or call 281-890-8255.

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