PetroView Enterprise to incorporate Oracle 8i database new mapping technology (May 1999)

Arthur Andersen’s PetroView Enterprise is to integrate the Oracle 8i database with new mapping technology from MapInfo.

The PetroView service run by Arthur Andersen's Petroleum Services Group (PSG) is used by the world's top twenty oil companies operating in the North Sea. The service provides color-coded maps of acreage positions in the North Sea with mapping functionality provided by MapInfo. PetroView is used for commercial, planning and general business decision support activity within the oil industry. PetroView is will soon make use of new technology from MapInfo and Oracle who are collaborating on what is described as "the world's first Internet-based spatial data analysis solution on Oracle8i". Oracle and MapInfo will integrate MapInfo's suite of Web-based spatial and mapping products with Oracle8i, the industry's only Internet database, and the Oracle Spatial Cartridge, which provides the capability to manage and analyze geographic data in Oracle8i. Shell is understood to be an early adopter of Oracle 8 technology. PetroView Enterprise will allow web-based access using through the MapInfo interface data in a POSC-based Oracle8i database (see Project Synergy - PDM Vol 4 N 2). Arthur Andersen want to improve end-user accessibility to their information within a company through this thin client technology. They will also look to partner with other vendors such as Scott Pickford, Robertsons and Intelliscan to deliver information using their platform.

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