Free Software Corner (May 1999)

Free tape identifying software from Oilware and Drate, Rate of Penetration software for the enthusiast!

A new tape management tool is available from Oilware. TapeID can recognize LIS, DLIS, BIT, Geoshare, LAS, LBS, and others, identifying the encapsulation method used for data on disk. Download TapeID from


Free PC rate-of-penetration (ROP) software DRATE is available from Features include a graphical user interface with point and click control of depth setting, anti-trip and anti-bounce.


ROP is displayed graphically in real-time, and the scale of the rate of penetration display is fully adjustable. Data can be exported to a spreadsheet or database. DRATE interfaces the PC to the rig's depth switch by an interface that is "easily constructed from readily available components". Batteries are not included in this offer!

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