Petris and Paradigm Technologies team to market new web software (May 1999)

Petris and Paradigm Technologies team to market new web software

Petris Technology and Paradigm Technologies Inc. (PTI - not to be confused with Paradigm Geophysical!) are to co-develop and market a web-based application, the Excalibur Well Query System.


The new product is to allow non-technical users to access financial information held in PTI's Excalibur EDGE Accounting System. Targeted end-users are executives, engineering and geo-scientists.

The Excalibur Well Query System allows users to search for specific wells by a variety of criteria and view all pertinent data using virtually any web browser. The systems uses a restricted version of Petris’ new web-application server, PetrisConnect while the interface will be co-developed by Petris and PTI.


Customers may expand the system by upgrading to a full version of PetrisConnect, allowing them to interface with other databases, or add other applications such as Land Query, Records Management and Daily Production. PTI, founded in 1979, develops and markets integrated financial and operational software solutions for over 300 oil and gas companies, and employs 100 people in its Dallas, Denver, and Houston offices.

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