Fakespace adds new hardware to product line (April 1999)

The latest virtual reality display from fakespace is the Immersive WorkWall, offering high resolution stereoscopic imagers with dimensional accuracy. The 'SPIN' interface, an optional steering wheel controller allows 'non-technical senior managers to rotate the computer generated models'.

The Immersive WorkWall (IWW) is the latest in a range of three dimensional virtual reality interpretation systems from California-based Fakespace. An entry level IWW costs around $200,000. The system offers interpreters up to 4 megapixels of display on a "seamless display area of up to 8 by 24 feet.


The IWW is powered by two Electrohome Marquee CRT projectors, and comes with the Fakespace Virtual Library (VLIB) software of device drivers and API's for major SD Visualization software. More from www.fakespace.com and Jim Angelillo, jima@fakespace.com.

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