Cambrian release Wotan, claimed as 'first ever' CGM publishing software (April 1999)

Cambrian Geosolutions have released Wotan - Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) publishing software for Microsoft Windows 98, 98 and NT.

Originally developed for Cambrian's own electronic reporting and publishing needs, Wotan has evolved into what is described as "a sophisticated preview and publishing product." Designed for Microsoft Windows, Wotan allows full access for CGM graphics files generated by industry standard applications running on both UNIX and Windows. Unlike other Windows CGM interpreters such as the one bundled with Power Point, Cambrian's software allows viewing and printing of all embedded graphics and data types including maps, well logs, seismics and montages. The current version of Wotan complies with the ISO CGM standard as well as the POSC CGM Petroleum Industry Profile (CGM PIP). Wotan is named after the Germano-Nordic all-seeing mythological god. More from

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