GeoQuest Releases ECLIPSE 99A (April 1999)

A new version of the Eclipse reservoir simulator improves workflow and reduces simulation cycle time.

GeoQuest has released the latest version of the ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software. ECLIPSE 99A, now described as "Year 2000 ready," is now enhanced with the incorporation of two new software products acquired last year. FrontSim offers streamline reservoir simulation and GridSim pre- and post-processing software. As part of ECLIPSE 99A, FrontSim and GridSim improve the modeling-to-simulation workflow and "strengthen GeoQuest's commitment to model-centric workflow solutions."


FrontSim is a three-dimensional, two-phase fluid flow simulator that employs the streamline method to perform simulations on large and complex reservoir models "up to 100 times faster" than standard simulators, without grid orientation effects or numerical dispersion. GridSim builds the grid design for FrontSim.

shared earth

"With FrontSim, reservoir engineers can now directly simulate large shared earth models," said Larry Denver, vice president of Marketing for GeoQuest. "In combination with ECLIPSE, FrontSim also can be used to rank realizations that improve the final simulation model."

ECLIPSE 99A components


ECLIPSE black oil and compositional reservoir simulation software

GRAF graphics software for evaluating simulation results

GRID geologic modeling and simulation grid design software

Schedule well data transformation software

SimOpt interactive history matching optimization software

VFPi vertical flow performance modeling software.

This latest release upgrades the multisegment and multilateral well models in ECLIPSE and Schedule for better management of complex well trajectories.

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