POSC/CAESAR rolls out V1.0 of facility lifecycle data model. (April 1999)

POSC/CAESAR, the organization which is working towards a data model for the offshore construction industry is about to release version 1.0 of the Facility Lifecycle Product Data Model.

POSC/CAESAR is to the offshore drilling and construction industry what POSC and PPDM are to the upstream. POSC/CAESAR debates and recommends standard computer models to describe the hardware (real hardware, nuts, bolts and pumps!) involved in major construction projects. A draft of the model is available now for review and comment (by the membership). The POSC/Caesar Oil & Gas Facility Lifecycle product model consists of the Data Model and a reference population of the data model known as the Reference Data. We remind PDM readers that the POSC and POSC/CAESAR data models have been the subject of a three-part series by Nigel Goodwin which concludes in this issue. More from the POSC/Caesar WEB site www.posccaesar.com .

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