PetroVentures - farmin opportunities on the Web (April 1999)

PetroVentures, the Australian farmin information supplier, is moving its business to the web.

PetroVenture's Managing Editor, Mr. Wolfgang Fischer believes that access to timely, accurate information is an essential ingredient in the development of forward planning strategies in the upstream petroleum industry. Because the traditional "grapevine" of personal contacts is no longer sufficiently effective for oil company decision-makers PetroVentures is moving its services to the web at the same time offering a faster service, greater flexibility, and an online archives of over 300 past listings.


To celebrate its growth, listings are currently free. The brainchild of Mr. Fischer, PetroVentures is an international guide to petroleum exploration and development opportunities around the world that offers "up-to-the minute, succinct, accurate information about farmout deals and government acreage releases - as they come to the market". Started in 1993,. PetroVentures now has representative offices in Europe and North America.

no more rumor

In response to subscriber requests, PetroVentures has upgraded the previous black and white, bi-monthly magazine format to a more frequent color bulletin service. PetroVentures' information is provided by the company offering the opportunity. There is no second-hand, outdated 'rumor'. PetroVentures claims to be independent. It does not act as a broker or intermediary, but rather publishes the facts and gives them worldwide exposure through its global subscription base.


PetroVentures includes announcements by governments about acreage releases and bidding rounds, changes in government policies and new initiatives which influence decision-making. Its background briefings on countries offer companies an insight to regions they may be considering as exploration targets.

spec data

The service also provides information about non-exclusive seismic, geological and other data sets and reports to assist those looking for opportunities in their evaluation of the prospectivity of petroleum provinces in different parts of the world. PetroVenture's information is available for as little as US $5.50 per week and clients will soon be able to order PetroVentures on CD-Rom. Visit PetroVentures on

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