NSM DVD Jukebox boasts 3Terabyte capacity! (April 1999)

German CD-ROM and DVD jukebox manufacturer NVD Jukebox is offering up to 3TB storage, if not on the desktop, at least beside the desk.

With an estimated 100 million DVD drives in use by the millennium, DVD technology is worth watching. DVD potentially offers both performance and, because it is a commodity, it should become cost-effective.


The latest in NSM's line of CD-ROM and DVD Jukebox products, the DVD-RAM contains up to 620 Digital Video Disks and up to 14 drives. NSM's Turbo Time to Deliver Data (TDD) technology reduces data access time for an individual DVD to around one second. Transfer rates of up to 2.7 MB/s are still lower than high-end tape, but are respectable and certainly worth considering for Document Management Systems and project archival. The Jukeboxes come in different sizes and with various combinations of readers and writers. More from nsmjukebox.de.

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