GeoGraphix Ships GeoGraphix Release 99.1 (March 1999)

New version of Landmark affiliate, Geographix' interpretation suite promises improved Integration with GES, SeisVision and Prizm

GeoGraphix has announced the immediate availability of GeoGraphix Release 99.1. which offers GeoGraphix users the capability to dynamically share SeisVision and GES well data. Changes made to one interpretation are automatically updated in the other interpretation.


Bob Peebler, president of Landmark Graphics Corporation states "Release 99.1 is another tremendous step for GeoGraphix in our goal to achieve full integration across our product lines. With each six-month incremental release, our users are going to experience a higher level of integration in their workflows and interpretations."


Part of Release 99.1, SeisVision v.4.5 includes new functionality. SeisVision users can now interpret multiple 3D surveys in a single project, In addition, multiple versions of the dataset are also allowed with the SeisVision v.4.5 release so that interpreters can now compare different versions of the data – unmigrated with migrated, or unfiltered with filtered data.

6 months

Also provided with the new version are new tools for mapping, depth converting 2D interpretations, and merged 2D/3D project interpretations. Release 99.1 is the second consecutive GeoGraphix release to occur in the newly adopted "Integrated Timed Release Cycle". The Integrated Timed Release Cycle involves a synchronized six-month release period of GeoGraphix products. More from

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