Shared Earth Model nears with GeoFrame 3.5 (March 1999)

Property3D and LPM now integrated with GeoFrame offering what is claimed as the 'First Complete Reservoir Modeling Workflow on an Integrated Platform'.

Property3D is a three-dimensional geological modeling package allowing users to create property models, perform statistical analysis and determine reservoir connectivity. Results from Property3D can be used in FloGrid for upscaling to generate reservoir property descriptions for reservoir simulation. GeoQuest's LPM software is a surface-based mapping application for mapping reservoir properties within a reservoir. Zone maps can be guided by relationships between log data and seismic attributes. Both deterministic and stochastic methods are available


Property3D and LPM are part of GeoQuest's push for seamless interpretation to simulation workflow. This begins with seismic interpretation moves through the three-dimensional property model and ends in the fluid-flow model in FloGrid. LPM can be used to generate two-dimensional property maps based on seismic and well log information.


These property maps can then be leveraged by Property3D or directly by FloGrid to enhance the reservoir model.

Larry Denver, vice president of Marketing for GeoQuest claims that "This reservoir characterization system lets engineers and geoscientists bridge the gap between the geological and geophysical interpretation and the reservoir simulation model."

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