Landmark rolls out Continuity Cube replacement - PostStack ESP. (March 1999)

Following the protracted courtroom battle with Coherence Technology over the use of the Continuity Cube (see past PDMs). Landmark have bounced back into the coherence/continuity arena with the PostStack ESP product, which analyzes, not continuity, nor coherence but 'similarity' of stacked seismic data.

Designed to "unravel complex faulting patterns and detect subtle stratigraphic features" Landmark's new software PostStack ESP (Event Similarity Prediction) is part of Landmark’s integrated PostStack technology suite.

Bob Peebler, Landmark president and CEO claims "Most companies use only a tiny fraction of the data they have available to make multi-million dollar decisions about their exploration and production activities," said. "The PostStack technology suite can fundamentally improve basin analysis and prospect generation, as well as greatly enhance the development and production of petroleum reservoirs, through access to subtle, yet critical, information concealed in seismic data."

PostStack ESP, designed to replace Landmark’s Continuity Cube software, is an improved productivity tool for interpreters working in highly faulted areas to unravel complex faulting patterns. It can also detect subtle stratigraphic features such as reefs and channels on seismic data.

PostStack ESP operates on the seismic data itself, yielding a high resolution and impartial image of the seismic features, free from interpretive biases. These diverse images help to support several phases of the E&P process, facilitating the interpretation process and insuring a more accurate and reliable interpretation of the data at every stage of a project.

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