Veritas Gold promises 'instant access to industry data'

Veritas GeoServices Ltd., a Veritas DGC company, has announced the implementation ofVeritas Gold (GeoServices On-Line Data) browser, an Internet-based GIS applicationallowing immediate access to geophysical industry data.

Utilizing a multi-theme map-based GIS interface with Internet browsing technology, Veritas Gold enables clients to view and query public data sources such as well spots, well headers, landsale notices and seismic sale data (including metadata and visual data examples).


Optional data sets include pipeline, DEM, environmental, well tickets, land sale results and leased crown data. Enhanced with the ability to access satellite imagery and digital elevation displays, clients can also request survey audit and order hard copy maps directly from Veritas on-line.


Gold is based on the Public Petroleum Data Model Association's PPDM data model. Dave Berard, Coordinator of On-Line Services with Veritas explained, "A natural progression from this public data model was to enable clients to view, access and manage their proprietary seismic data archived at Veritas. Clients have the optional ability to privately display other proprietary data such as land holdings through a secure layer within Veritas Gold."


Berard went on, "Veritas Gold is an Internet application that employs a true virtual computing model. Clients do not need to make an additional investment in hardware or software to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Veritas' data management resources."


Initially for Canadian market, additional markets will be targeted at a later date.


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