geoLOGIC and M.J.Systems collaborate on Canadian raster well log library. (February 1999)

geoLOGIC Systems Ltd. will be working with M.J.Systems to complete the scanning and conversion of M.J. Systems’ Canadian logs to raster images before the end of 1999.

British Columbia, Saskatchewan and large portions of W5 and W6 are already available as Raster Images. The present initiative will ensure completion of the Alberta file in 1999. M.J.Systems is already delivering weekly updates of newly released logs and raster images for all western provinces. The aim is to offer full interactivity between M.J.Systems’ LogSleuth program and geoLOGIC’s geoSCOUT. This is the GIS version of geoLOGIC's software which claims the second largest market share in Canada.

Continued growth

David Hood of geoLOGIC told PDM "We had a very successful year in 1998 growing from 25 to 60 employees and we moved to new, larger premises in the center of downtown Calgary. Expansion has continued in 1999 despite adverse market conditions and the company will continue to direct one third of total annual expenditure to R&D despite the short term difficulties that the petroleum industry is experiencing". GeoLOGIC's proprietary and public data sets include tops, dst's, core analysis, pipelines, logs (both digital and now, with MJ Systems raster), directional well surveys ("the most complete data base of its kind in Canada"), and well locations. geoLOGIC has a base of more than 300 customers in Canada and has begun to service customers in the US. geoLOGIC will expand its services into the US this year with a move outside of North America scheduled for the year 2000. More from David Hood

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