Kerr-Mcgee goes for Oracle Energy Upstream (February 1999)

Energy and chemical company Kerr-McGee Corp. has tied together all of its E&P processes with the Oracle Energy Upstream applications suite.

Oracle Energy Upstream, rolled out to 250 users at Kerr-McGee, is an integrated suite of applications tailored specifically for handling the operational and accounting needs of the oil and gas E&P industry.

The Oracle Energy integrated applications will deliver the following benefits to Kerr-McGee:

quicker assessment of Kerr-McGee's assets

a single comprehensive information management system for E&P business operations, including exploration, land acquisition, production and accounting,

cost-effectively integration of the business processes of merged organizations as the company expands its oil and gas operations worldwide,

Seamless integration with Oracle Financials,

Integration of third-party tools, such as geological, geophysical and engineering applications.

"The fact that many oil and gas third-party tools run on an Oracle database allows us to bring a strong solution-set to our oil and gas needs." said David Bender, E&P information technology manager at Kerr-McGee. "We were also pleased with the way Oracle worked with us as an integral part of our implementation team, acting as more of a partner than as a software vendor." Oracle Energy comprises upstream solutions, downstream modules for supply, distribution and marketing; and a retail solution for enterprise fuels/merchandise management. Oracle Energy Upstream is currently available in the US. Global availability of the product suite is scheduled with the release of version 5.0 slated for May of 1999.

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