WhiteStar Corp. Acquires Platte River Digital Cartography (January 1999)

WhiteStar Corporation has acquired Platte River Digital Cartography (PRDC) and now boasts a complete 1:24,000 scale Public Land Survey database to complement its exclusive Texas land survey database.

Robert White Jr., President and CEO of WhiteStar stated, "We are extremely excited about this acquisition not only because of its obvious importance to our company but because of its importance to our present and future customers. For the first time, we will be able to deliver a seamless nationwide land survey database. We are pleased that we were PRDC's first choice and are confident that our customers will benefit greatly." Dr. Jay E. Leonard, President of PRDC, commented "PRDC and WhiteStar have had a longstanding working relationship and share a commitment to providing the highest quality data." PRDC is a privately held company and is independent of Platte River Associates, Inc., the petroleum systems software developer of which Leonard is also CEO. Platte River Associates, Inc. was not involved in the current transaction, except for licensing certain digitizing software to WhiteStar Corporation. Altira Group LLC, a Denver-based venture management firm specializing in advanced technology for the oil and gas industry, financed the acquisition. More from Stephen Pickett on 303-781-5182, and http://www.whitestar.com.

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