Fakespace – VR on the move (January 1999)

Virtual Reality takes to the road with portable VR from Fakespace. Entry-level fold-away VR displays start at $57,000.

For virtual realists on the move, Fakespace of Mountain View California, is marketing a transportable VR display unit. the Mini Workbench has a 44 inch diagonal field of view and is designed to fold down for easy movement within the office or for shipment to exhibitions and storage. Thess adjustable, drafting table-style rear-projected unit allows for real time viewing and interaction with computer-generated imagery. Three models are available, two with full 3D visualization capability using Electrohome Marquee 8500 CRT projectors and a third with 2D capability only, using LCD projection technology offering a megapixel screen bandwidth. Cost of the unit is in the range $57,000 to $69,000 depending on options. More from www.fakespace.com.

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