Landmark Y2K R98 plus. (January 1999)

Landmark have rolled out a year 2000 complaint version of the release 98 suite of E&P applications, with a little help from Data Dimensions Inc.

The special Y2K compliant version of Landmark’s application suite, "Release 98Plus" is now shipping. Claiming market leadership, Landmark’s Keith Johnston, director of the Y2K program stated "Our focus now is providing comprehensive services and support to E&P companies as they migrate to Y2K compliant environments as early in 1999 as possible. Accompanying the new software is a services offering – dubbed Y2K Ready, Set Go! This includes site planning and assessment, audit trail planning, Y2K testing, operating system upgrades, tuning, and trouble shooting. The British Standards Institute Y2K Conformity Guidelines form the core of Landmark’s Y2K initiative, and the whole Y2K development and testing program has been audited and validated by Data Dimensions Inc.(DDI). DDI is a pioneer of many of the processes that consulting firms use today. In 1997 Data Dimensions introduced Ardes 2k, a knowledge-based process manager for Year 2000 projects. Recently DDI was retained by Microsoft Corporation to provide quality assurance and testing services for Microsoft's portable Windows CE operating system. Its nice to think that the Y2K problem is good for some people. Indeed Y2K has been very good for DDI whose revenues for 1998 were $114.5 million, a hike of 90 percent.

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