OpenSpirit Developer's Kit available and packaging announced (January 1999)

PrismTech have announced the availability of a ‘pre-release version’ of the OpenSpirit V1.0 Developers Kit and indicate how the commercial versions of OpenSpirit will bepackaged.

Following the first ‘pre-release’ beta, PrismTech will continue its internal and external testing of a second pre-release early in 1999 and will roll out the first production release soon thereafter. The final commercial packaging of OpenSpirit will be in the form of a development kit and a run time license for system users. The dev kit will allow programmers to develop OpenSpirit-compliant, component-based E&P applications; either for developing new software or for integrating existing applications and data-stores via OpenSpirit. The end-user oriented OpenSpirit run-time platform for E&P software system users, will be transparent to the user - except for the license fee! Customers who would like to evaluate the first pre-release are invited to contact Ahsan Rahi at PrismTech -

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