Special Offer – VR jacket (January 1999)

PDM announces availability of the 'VR Arm-Waving Jacket' for use in confined workplaces such as the VisionDome and the Cave. This essential equipment allows virtual asset teams to gesticulate in safety.

With collaborative teams cramming into restrictive environments such as the Vision Dome or the Cave, co-workers run the risk of injury to each other and to the facility through involuntary movement of limbs. The answer to this problem is the VR Arm-Waving Jacket available exclusively from PDM. This smart apparel restricts movement to a level suitable for interdisciplinary collaboration, while avoiding injury to coworkers and damage to the facility. Special Co-Operative tags on the AW-Jacket allow a whole asset team to be attached together virtually guaranteeing interdisciplinary cooperation. Holders for coffee cups also available. We are also working on a virtual ejection seat to allow virtually enlightened knowledge workers to blast themselves straight into the board room. The VR Arm-Waving Jacket is available from PDM at the special price of $99.99 plus (virtual) taxes.

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